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equipment essentials


Flat-soled Shoes

Bowls (4)

Bowls carrier

Try before you buy?

You can borrow bowls and shoes from the centre until you're ready to buy some of your own.


Shoes cost as little as £15 online and you can buy a set of second hand bowls from current members for about £40.  A bowls carrier costs less than £10

Delivering the bowl

Bowler 1.jpg

Nothing could be simpler...    ?

Holding the bowl in your hand

Hold the bowl in your hand so that the centre line of the bowl points directly at your intended direction of delivery.  This helps to keep the bowl straight and avoids wobbling when delivered.

Step forward and roll the bowl towards the jack?

Actually, the bowl is heavier on one side - the side with the smaller disc.  All bowls are made this way.  The bowl will, therefore, follow a gradual curve, curving more severely when the bowl slows down. So you have to "aim off" sufficiently for the bowl to bend towards the jack.

How hard to roll?

You'll have to develop a "feel" for the weight of delivery.  Most players find this is the hardest part of the game.  


Bowler 1.jpg

Play courteously

...When it's your turn to play

Be ready to play so you don't hold other players up.

Be aware of players about to play on the rink next to you.  Sometimes your bowl will clash with a bowl from another rink - that's not a problem - both players just take their turn again.

...When it's not your turn to play

Stand still when others are about to play so you don't distract them.

Avoid walking behind a match when players are about to deliver a bowl - you might distract them.

Anything else is common sense - you'll quickly pick up the etiquette by talking to other bowlers.


World Bowls Rules 4th Edition.jpg

So much to learn...

You can start playing without knowing lots of rules

You'll learn the rules by playing and talking with other players.  But eventually you'll want to be fully conversant with the rules of the game.

Click on this link for the full rules of Lawn Bowling

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