Milne vs Furye

Boy, am I glad I decided to go to watch the Gents SIBA singles first round knockout match between Glenn Milne and Andy Furye!

Arriving 25 minutes into the match to find Glenn 12-0 in the lead I was kind of expecting Andy to recover (bowls is like that) but the spectators who joined me were treated to the thriller they were expecting when the draw was made public!

After Andy scored his first single (it must have been around the 10th end!) the inevitable Furye fightback took place - taking 14 of the next 20 shots to trail by only 3 (15-18). Glenn dug in, he was winning the longer lengths and managed a single but Andy found shorter lengths were working for him, taking a pair and a single (18-19).

Both players took a single over the next two ends, setting up what would be the final end at 19-20 in favour of Glenn. In a tight head, Andy bowled his final bowl to lie 2 shots and match, with Glenn having the final bowl. The spectators could see he was struggling to decide between a firing shot or a draw - and at that stage of the game we all expected the former. Instead, Glenn opted for a reaching draw, taking the jack to his own bowl and winning the match.

A wonderful spectacle for those who chose their viewing wisely. More of this please!!


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